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OKAMI GAMES team is young, enthusiastic and creative. We're passionate about playing games - and even more about making them! Always open to new challenges and ready to take part in interesting projects OKAMI GAMES team is waiting for your email!


OKAMI GAMES production team puts their heart and soul into each and every project and in-house QA team checks every detail to bring perfection. Quality is our top priority. We'll do our best to make your vision come true!


OKAMI GAMES worked with multiple titles and have experience with all leading platforms (mobile, cosole, PC). We are able to provide fully functional products: from casual mobile games to pc games in amazing 3D!

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Action game with futuristic setting. Lead your spaceship and defeat evil forces.

Unnamed project

Action game with futuristic setting. Lead your spaceship and defeat evil forces.
PC · MAC · Mobile

TapTap Fruits - free game for kids

TapTap Fruits!

TapTap Fruits is a free game for kids, that helps to develop reading skills. Rules are simple: check if the name of the fruit and the picture match.
Android · Windows Phone

110 Puzzles for Kids - logical game for 4 y/o cute colorful pictures of toys, animals and dinosaurs

110 Puzzles for Kids

Simple logical drag-and-drop jigsaw game. Cute and colorful pictures of everyday life objects: toys, animals and dinosaurs will keep your child busy playing and learning at the same time!
iOS · Android · Windows Phone

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